The Benefits of Living in an Independent House

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A financial aim that transcends all areas and communities is proud to own a home. Once the required financial planning is completed and necessary savings accumulated, the subsequent query is whether to buy a flat or an independent house. Unquestionably anyone would like to stay in a sprawling Independent House. Owning a dream home with your very own private space can completely change your lifestyle.

To begin with, it is a permanent address. You can relax in your own garden space and also enjoying evening tea parties without worrying about anything, unlike a flat owner. A landlord can construct a house the way he prefers and renovates whenever he wants. And of course, you don’t get to be panic about any future quarantine of the entire apartment whose got infected living in the same, as what occurred in the fatal blow-back of Covid-19.

In the midst of a pandemic, Health and hygiene are the most important consideration in high-rise buildings because more people were staying in one place. So, it is necessary to reduce contact with everything that is used in multi-storey buildings. Such a forced self-isolation, leads to all desperately want to have an Independent House.

A lookup from a recent article by The Economics Times states that, “suddenly the large apartment complexes may look less attractive, as residents have realised their individual homes are the safest. While smaller housing projects could be the focus, individual homes too could become the preferred option, thereby leading to sprawling suburbs not just in Chennai, but in cities like Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy as well. The work-from-home culture is also likely to encourage many to consider moving to less congested suburbs for more spacious and affordable homes and a better quality of life.

Here are the major benefits of living in an Independent House

1. Safety

All through the time, an important feature of the house has been safety. Nowadays, every individual has decided to choose an Independent House in a sub urban area, which will effectively provide social isolation. Not only that, it also served as a topographic point from bad weather, viruses and infections.

2. An Investment

Independent house makes for a great investment. These spacious abodes frequently come with a great appreciation value over a period of time. The land value is hovering by leaps and bounds and so this turns out to be one of the great investment options as well.

3. Relaxed & Comfortable Lifestyle

An independent house with a private garden or deck speaks volumes about a person’s lifestyle. Every home is a home owner’s reflection of a lifestyle they lead. Independent houses to a certain extent are a symbol of luxury, sophistication and an exclusive lifestyle.

4. Privacy

If you are weary of prying eyes and nosy neighbours, then opting for a villa is a great, notable alternate. You can enjoy the perks and facilities of neighbourhood housing while maintaining a private lifestyle.

5. Exclusivity

No shared walls, no shared water supply – An Independent house come with an exclusivity that is not viewed in apartments. You can control the utilization of water and other necessities without worrying about your fellow residents. And for sure, the trend will change after the pandemic that all people worry about what might happen if a virus gets into the water supply. To prevent that, people will be willing to pay for the excavation, surveys and filtration systems needed to install a well.

6. Freedom to decide

In Apartment living there is a less freedom as one needs to rely on the Association for a variety of things. But in an Independent House living, within your compound wall, you can do anything you want to. You need not to take any approvals or sanctions. It gives you the possibility to customize your own abode and make it your unique modern habitat. You can paint your walls in your favourite colourations and grow your favourite plants in the porch as you wish. You have a full flexibility to design your interiors and exteriors as per your choice. The freedom you derive from having such a beautiful home with character and uniqueness is blissful.

7. Customizable

You no need to compromise on your taste and distinctiveness from now on. You have the liberty to decorate, alternate your design and furnish the existing space as you like in an independent villa. You can be definitely satisfied and much comfortable with your shelter and that is what an independent villa provides. When you customize your existing living space for your needs, you enjoy a sense of belonging like no other. This correlation with your house can be fruitful in holistic terms.

8. Future Modifications

Once you buy an Independent House, you can do whatever it takes to change it into your own. But as time flies, your needs might change and you might have to make space for your growing kids. You should not be hindered by such inevitable needs of the time. This flexibility and space for customization are a huge plus point of owning an independent house.

9. Gardening

There is usually scope for gardening when you have your own independent house. Having your very own private garden can be beautiful if you are into gardening as a hobby. In an independent house, you may also set up your own private terrace garden. You could additionally build bird houses and create a green roof with creepers for shade on the terrace.

10. Pet Friendly

In an Independent house, your pets will have a more access to the outdoors and have more freedom as compared to apartments where there may be stricter guidelines with respect to having pets.

11. Private Terrace

You will have an access to your private terrace that you can be used for multiple purposes. It could be your birthday party deck, terrace garden, bar or even as a wash and utility space. Having your own terrace space offers you a lot of freedom to put it to different use.

12. Eco-friendly

More and more people are realizing the importance of making their houses eco-friendlier. Having your own house will allow you to harvest rainwater, opt for solar energy, etc. It is a great chance to not only make your home more economic however, also set an example of how you can use natural resources to their maximum.

Above all are some of the obvious perks of living in your own independent House. Your lifestyle may change to a whole new level, and it can make your life better and really worth enjoying in a million little ways.

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